Hairstyle Course

This professional hairstyling course is an exclusive apprenticeship that is focused on the art and mastery of styling and hair management.
This is a highly sought after service area for social events, weddings and quinceañeras.
The course is 100% practical. We start with the basics and little by little you learn the different techniques in hairstyles.
You will learn techniques that define styles and effects, such as:
– Hairstyles from the 40s or Pin Up.
– High hairstyle.
– Different hairstyles with braids and many more.
The hairstyles course lasts 40 hours, it is available in Spanish.
The courses are available in Spanish, include kit and material and you can make weekly payments.
We have flexible hours and we have four locations available, Los Angeles, Pomona, Van Nuys and Bakersfield CA.


The dollar amounts detailed in each beauty course is the amount to reserve your space. This reservation already includes in the total of the course.

Our students: